Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Suck It Up by Berengaria Brown


Unwillingly attending a company team bonding day, Taylor would rather be spending his time actually working. The team-building does have the advantage of letting him watch Scott and Fergus, two other gay men who work for the company. When they're told to break into small groups and tell each other something deep and meaningful, Taylor naturally gravitates to the two men.

With the suggestion of lust as a topic, and an invitation back to Fergus' place for a more in-depth (and hands-on) study, Taylor's team-bonding day is looking up!

Reviewer: RedDragonfly

When I picked up Suck it Up I wasn't expecting much from this  short menage story from Berengaria Brown. The length alone gave me cause  to think this story would have little in the way of development and  probably simply be just one long sex scene. Even enjoying Berengaria's  writing style in the past, I wasn't expecting more than a good way to  pass 10 to 20 minutes reading. I am happy to report this was not the  case—this story was actually very enjoyable and I would have loved a  longer, more detailed story.

The story centers around a team  building exercise in a company that is strengthening communication  between its workers. In particular, three coworkers breaking off in  their own pod to work together discover mutual interests. I loved in  this short read that Berengaria provides us with insight into what all three  men are thinking. This makes for a much more enjoyable read because one  male POV wouldn't have been enough information to let us know anything  about the other characters.

Taylor, who is more of a doer than a  sayer, isn't enjoying the team building exercise assigned because he  prefers to actually be working but when he is asked to break off into a  smaller group, he decides he wants to make the most of it and see if his  coworkers, Scott and/or Fergus will join him in the exercise. They do.  Scott, who has been happy to be getting paid for doing nothing in this  team building endeavor, is bored and counting down the minutes until  lunch. Fergus takes the lead. He's looking for a relationship and thinks  that Scott and Taylor and he should make a go out of it and takes the  initiative to suggest it. The lusting proves to be three-way mutual. The  sex scene is very short and becomes just the three giving each other  oral pleasure, and manages to be a pleasant surprise because we actually  get some details about the three before they all get together in  Fergus's bed. 
I'm giving this story 3.5 stars.  

Publisher: Torquere Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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