Thursday, June 21, 2012

Full Frontal by Lee Benoit


Preston has never heard Paulo's safe word within a scene. When he does, everything stops, and Paulo and Preston are forced to confront a demon from Paulo's past. Paulo insists he's ready to move on, but the incident shakes Preston's confidence. To make their way forward takes courage and trust and... wax?

Originally published in Toy Box: Wax

Reviewer: RedDragonfly

It’s been long time since I read this but it's the kind of story that  sticks with me. This is a short mm story that was Part of the TOY BOX anthologies edited by M. Rode, that one being called TOY BOX: WAX. The Torquere TOY BOX  series each contained three stories which showcased a single erotic toy  and a couple, Paulo and Preston, who explore these in a consensual and  loving BDSM exchange.  

Preston is a lifestyle dominant, recently  retired from a career on stage at an exclusive club. When the series  begins, he is single and looking forward to a quieter lifestyle. That  changes when, during his last performance, Paulo steps on stage to take  the place of Preston's usual stage sub. There's electricity wildly  arcing between the two men who suddenly find that what they want is more  of each other as they commit to a BDSM lifestyle together. For anyone  wanting to follow the storyline, DING DONG MERRILY is the short story that introduces us to Paulo. It isn't until EPIPHANY: SHINING THROUGH, however, that he meets Preston and wants to make a good, submissive impression on the retiring Master.  

In FULL FRONTAL,  during a BDSM scene, the men discover that an event from Paolo's past  stands in the way of complete trust and they work together at removing  the obstacle. Preston has never heard Paulo needing to call out his safe  word within the context of a scene. When he does, everything stops as  they examine Paulo's past. When Paulo insists he's ready to move  forward, Preston finds his confidence has been shaken. The lovers must  take courage and have trust to move forward.  

This story  reminded me why I like to read about Preston and Paulo. They're very  opposite characters who find love and acceptance from each other. While  living the lifestyle, each of them has to struggle with his private  demons. It's only in commitment, in sharing and exploring these demons  and hauling them out in the open in an atmosphere of trust and respect  that both men can heal. Paulo wrestles with why he needed to safeword  with Preston and Preston, dealing with arthritis in his advanced age,  has to overcome his concern about his ability to master Paulo. This is a  nice and sweet read into the life of this couple. 4 stars.  

Publisher: Torquere Press
Review Courtesy Of: Manic Readers


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