Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two Sides of the Coin by Ron Radle

The Reverend Beverly Farley has everything: a thriving congregation, a beautiful wife and family, and the possibility of becoming the governor of South Carolina. But the one thing Reverend Farley desires most, he must hide from his wife, family and the public: the love of a beautiful young man. When out of town, the Reverend Farley is content to sneak out to tawdry hotels to meet with male prostitutes willing to sate his sexual desires without telling a soul. It’s a temporary fulfillment that fills the void in his life for a short time. And then he meets the handsome new recruiter at Harding College, Brad Michaels.

Brad Michaels, muscular and virile, is a vision of manliness right out of a Renaissance sculpture and brings up a feeling that is more than lust in Reverend Farley, who will stop at nothing to have Brad to himself. The only problem is, Brad is in a loving, yet closeted relationship with Danny Andrews, professor of English at Harding College. To get what he wants, the Reverend Farley will do anything in his power, even if it means blackmail.

Reviewer: TigerLily
This book caught me from the start. I kept reading wanting to know what would happen and how Brad’s ordeal would end. Brad, who was in a loving relationship with Danny, succumbed to the blackmail of Rev. Beverly, who threatened to expose his lover to their small town if he doesn’t leave him. It always amazes me when someone lives a lie and denies his true self. Although the Reverend’s character was despicable, I felt sorry for him and for his delusions. He denies a major part of himself and in the process hurts the people around him, mostly his wife who loves him and begs for his compassion. Too many people live the same way and it's just sad.

After looking at Brad’s background, his actions are understandable, but what I did not understand was how after so many years together, he could not turn to his older lover for guidance in this issue when it is effecting both of them, his weakness was just human I guess. I kept asking myself how will it end and normally I know how the end will be but in this book it came in a way I did not expect. I guess what goes around comes around and I loved it. When reading the epilogue, I kept wondering if I am going to be left without an answer for the end of the Reverend but even here Radle delivered something and for all that I give him 5 stars.

Publisher: Seventh Window Publications


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