Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Broken by Stella Notecor

James guards his secrets.

Uncertain as to whom he can trust with his family’s secrets, James Bradford has lived a lonely life since becoming Baron of Riverside. When he meets an equally enigmatic violinist named Sheamus, he begins to wonder if he’s found someone with whom he can share everything.

Sheamus guards his body.

No one has ever shown Sheamus Flynn affection except his mother. That changes when he meets James, but Sheamus cannot trust him. Sheamus has been used by his master, Cade Edward, and he knows better than to believe James could ever love a mere servant.

They both guard their hearts.

Over the course of the 1876 Social Season they cautiously fall in love, only to be violently ripped apart by Edward. Defeating Edward’s deceptions will require both of them to share long guarded secrets.

Can they trust each other?

Reviewer: BlackTulip
It is such a beautiful story, but I won't recommend it if you are depressed because it will not improve your mood. In my opinion it certainly is worthy of Dickens. The atmosphere is dark and bleak enough. It goes from very bad to worst before it gets better. There is a whirl of emotions and feelings here, good and bad. It will definitely move you!

Sheamus is a young man who has an incredible gift for music. He plays violin like a god. He has been quiet literally in the power of Sir Edward since he was twelve years old. His parents were travelers fleeing the great famine in Ireland, barely surviving with their music. After they died, Edward kept him and he was able to become the violinist he is now. But it was certainly not from the goodness of his heart. The young boy became his slave toy, utterly and completely at his mercy. Seventeen years later, things have not changed.

Edward is the worst despicable villain I have ever seen. He is such a hypocrite, a vicious and sadistic animal. He will not take no for an answer and will stop at nothing to obtain what he wants, not even murder! Shaemus is in hell but luckily enough he learned a long time ago to let the music in his head envelop him, removing himself from the outside world and Edward in particular.

Then one day he meets James, Baron of Riverside and their lives will never again be the same. Jame falls in love both with the man and the artist. He is the complete opposite of Edward. The only thing they have in common is that they like men. At first Sheamus won't able to trust him or even less hope. He had never known tenderness or even love before, only with his mother but it was in another life. After a lot more hardship he will be able in the end to rescue him from his last and nearly deadly ordeal. Because of James Sheamus, he will be able to become just himself. The monstrous Edward will pay for his numerous crimes. Hallelujah! sometime God is good. How many times have I wanted to kill him myself?!

The author provides us with a good description and understanding of Victorian society, "all rules and all hypocrisy". There are several minor young characters who have each one their own story that add a lot to the book. Not forgetting a murder mystery that began years ago in India and concern James' family. We discover at the end when the plot is revealed that Edward, who was also in India at the same time was a big part of it.

It's a very good book I just couldn't put it down last night! I give it a 4.5/5.

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